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Tomatoes: G's Vegetable of the Month

What is June's vegetable of the month?

G: "Tomatoes"

What do you like about tomatoes?

G: "Nothing. Actually, Dad makes gumbo with them and that is my favorite food. And there is a ton of them on one plant. Yep, and that's cool."

What does a tomato plant look like?

G: "You have to put them in cages or use rope or they fall over."

Do you like tomatoes plain or added into something?

G: "In something. Mom and Dad eat them plain and I don't know why."

Do you help pick tomatoes?

G: "Yes, I do. I put them in my cart behind my bike."

When it is time to freeze tomatoes for storing, what is your job?

G: "I put tomatoes in boiling water and I scoop them out. Mom says it's called blanching."

Why don't you do the cutting and de-skinning of tomatoes when we freeze them?

G: "Because the juice gets all over me and it smells terrible."

Did you know that ketchup is made from tomatoes?

G: "I actually like ketchup a lot. For some reason I thought ketchup was made from apples. I don't know why I thought it was made from apples, but, yeah, so, now I know that."

Is there anything else you'd like to share about tomatoes?

G: "No, that's all."

Farm Fun Fact: We are growing 5 varieties of tomatoes at the farm this year. Ranging from small snacking tomatoes to some the size of your face! We feel that the best freezing/storing tomato is a Roma and we specifically use a Roma called "Amish Paste."

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