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  • Christy@Gnarly Oak Acres

The Traveling Compost Bucket

If you've read through our information or chatted with us about the farm, you'll notice we love composting. That's because it makes a world of difference, not just to our vegetables but to our world. We would love it if you would help us compost!

That's why we will be including an optional traveling compost bucket with each customer's weekly share. We want your vegetable and food scraps so we can bring it back to the farm and turn it into beautiful plant food. And in turn, together we are putting less in plastic bags going to the landfill.

It will be as easy as pie to use your bucket. Find an accessible place in your kitchen to keep it (we prefer under the sink) and each week when you pick up or have your product delivered, simply have your full compost bucket ready for us along with your empty reusable share basket. We will swap out with a new clean compost bucket and your full basket of produce for the week. Done!

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