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Chemical-free, Organically Grown

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

A dear friend reached out recently to ask us about our terminology... chemical-free, organically grown. What does this mean?

It means that not one synthetic product or chemical comes close to our farm. We are using organic techniques and organic fertilizers that result in organic produce. That being said, we cannot call ourselves Certified Organic because we're not... yet. The process of becoming USDA Certified Organic is an intense one (rightfully so) and not inexpensive. We as a small farm, will continue to explore the certification process and decide if it is right for us down the road.

But what we want our friends to know is - bottom line, you are eating organic. We are devoted to keeping our Earth, our animals and our humans chemical-free. We are throwback, using philosophies and techniques that have been around for centuries, before synthetic fertilizers ever existed.

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